Why Law must take its course in South Sudan

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The News of agreement between president of South Sudan Salva Kiir and the ex-deputy Riek Machar to form a transitional government in the next 60 days is much welcome and has brought reprieve to tens of thousands of Southern Sudanese who were displaced along ethnic lines. The news was equally received with jubilations in Kenya as thousands who were forced to flee from the war-tone country will now return to continue with their businesses and feed their families. In as much as peace will eventually return to the Africa’s newest Nation, much has to be done to unite the South Sudanese people. The atrocities they have witnessed over these months cannot be easily erased from their minds. For a long time, they will be forced to hold these dark memories with them and look at their neighbors with resentment.  Millions of them have been left homeless, thousands of children have been left without parents while many have been maimed in the ethnic clashes that turned into a civil war. Yes, Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have agreed to form a government but the ripple effect of their greed/disagreement have maimed thousands, led to lose of lives, long trekking hours without food  and displacement of tens of thousands of the people they claim to be fighting for.  Sad news is, the government will be formed and it will roll out its machinery but what will happen to the 1.3 million who have been displaced? Will they just be told to go back to their homes and start their wrecked lives? 
In one way or the other somebody has to pay for the atrocities committed to the people of South Sudan. Somebody has to be held responsible for the deaths of thousands of South Sudanese people and their destroyed properties. It may be a delicate matter at this time but the law must takes it course. Africa and the International community should not sweep this matter under the carpet. The sad truth is, South Sudanese people need answers, they want to see leaders held responsible for their action and the people who slaughtered their women and children apprehended. This may be the least thing the world can do to the innocent citizens who have no source of livelihood to begin a new life and rebuild their wrecked lives. There is no justification that can equal the life of a human being. Murder is murder.
If something is not done about these atrocities, then a bad example will be presented to African countries whose leaders have never accepted a defeat and are likely to follow the same path to reclaim Victory by sacrificing their citizens while they remain untouchable in the corridors of power. African leaders should understand that, no matter the nurture of their squabbles and the magnitude of their disagreement, lives of their citizens should never be sacrificed. It is for this reason why Justice must prevail in South Sudan no matter the cost.

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