Mr President; Address Real Security Weaknesses in Our Country and Stop Blame Games.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Grim task: Family members wait to collect bodies of their relatives at Mpeketoni hospital in Lamu county  following Sunday night's massacre

Nearly 24 hours after unknown gunmen suspected to be Al-Shabaab raided Coastal villages killing close to 50 people while maiming hundreds, the much awaited presidential speech didn’t make things better. Even after Al-Shabaab militia claimed responsibility for the attacks, the president still linked the second worst terror attack on our soil to local politicians and ethnic violence.  Unless the media didn’t disclose full information, the massacre that happened in Mpeketoni didn’t isolate a particular community. According to the eyewitnesses who spoke on camera, it was more inclined to religion. Majority of the survivors clearly stated that the heavily armed men were killing based on religion beliefs. However, Kenyans don’t want to be divided along these lines. The houses that were torched, business premises that were burnt down and vehicles that were destroyed, there was no indication that these killings were tribal inclined. A matter of this magnitude shouldn’t be handled on such casual basis by counter accusations from leaders who should be uniting Kenyans. Such statements from the highest office on the land only divide Kenyans along ethnic lines and raises suspicion amongst us.
Kenyans are mourning, Kenyans are scared. Kenyans do not know the terror awaiting them at the footsteps of their doors, work stations, the safety of their children at Schools and their loved ones in the hospitals. And this is why the government should stop talking and swing into action by addressing the increasing violence on our soil that has threaten to undermine the gains made by the previous governments. The president should know that Kenyans have lost hope on the security organs in this country and the only way to redeem their image is through total overhaul of security personnel and persons responsible.
Terrorists are watching this state of confusion in our country and they will capitalize on it. Our president’s speech should have been geared towards measures to re-align our security system to protect Kenyans from further attacks. This is not a time for blame games and ethnic overtones as Kenyans are displaying it on social media.  This is the time to stand together and direct our energy to addressing the weak security system in our country that is soon paralyzing our tourism industry.  Blame games only make us weak and scared in the eyes of Al-Shabaab.
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