Arrest and Prosecute Tribal Leaders

Thursday, 29 May 2014



With 42 tribes in its territorial boundaries, Kenya still remains one of the most volatile and most delicate countries to govern. Each leader must therefore endeavor to keep the 40 million Kenyans in mind when addressing issues affecting this country and comments they post on social media. Appointments may not necessarily impress all the 42 tribes in Kenya and in each appointment discord amongst leaders whose regions have not been favored is therefore inevitable. This is where the government and its leaders should tread very carefully as their sentiments may inflict pain and lead to angst and resentments amongst Kenyans. This may lead to uncalled for suspicion amongst Kenyans thereby creating bad blood between different communities for no apparent reason whatever
We have seen countries ripped apart as a result of ethnic violence and civil wars. Citizens left homeless, women raped, children left without parents as thousands are killed in tribal fights that were not of their making. Does Southern Sudan ring a bell? It seems like most of our leaders have not learnt anything from the tribal violence turn civil war in Southern Sudan. Years after Rwanda’s genocide, the country is still struggling to rebuild its image. Nigeria is facing similar challenges. Despite all these, leaders across our political divide continue to make derogative remarks, others are doing it in full glare of the cameras oblivious of the effects their statements may have on individuals.
It is because of these carefree talks that plunged this country into the atrocities that we witnessed in the 2007/08 Post Election Violence. This is why stern action should be taken against Hon Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Kuria. They should be investigated. In fact, both should be relieved of any public duties and barred from addressing Kenyans until they are cleared of any wrong doing. Our president should not rest his laurels on this matter as it touches the heart of his regime. We want to see leaders held accountable for their actions. We want to break away from the norm of politicians recording statements without feeling iota of guilt and being left free to continue inciting Kenyans. 

Our leaders should know that the future of this country is in their hands.  They will one day be judged for their actions.
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