Thursday, 16 January 2014

By Gabriel Dinda, School of Economics
Take a walk around the periphery of our campuses and higher learning institutions, you will quickly develop a viable business idea. A realistic   opportunity indeed! Certainly, it won’t be an idea on bookstore, but undoubtedly an idea on a bar or an entertainment joint-‘for enjoying life. ’Enjoying life’ is the word; a word whose meaning has confused a number and its definition narrowed down to limits of truce and unbecoming activities. Everyone will find difficulty in digesting such meanings and a little research into this is therefore necessary.
The world turbines at a furious rate and that has not speared change in vocabulary either. Taking a lot of alcohol, sleeping everywhere in trenches, emitting  dozens of smoke to the air  and injecting litres of hard drugs to our already crowded veins  have literally taken over the  definition  of ‘enjoying life’ .Involving in such activities makes one trendy, fashionable and modern.
Honestly, where is the sense in enjoying life in exposing your health to permanent doom with uncertain fortunes with no gain but lots of pain? Why are we so reluctant to learn from people who have thrown their lives to grave or have taken   their lives to dangerous zones as a result of drugs? Do we admire the celebrities who pride themselves of addiction and filthy life? (No one talked of Whitney Houston)Do we admire the people who have given up on family responsibilities to give their best to drugs? Trust me you will walk a thousand homesteads in Ngamia One in Turkana asking for the advantages of  drug abuse, but you will get the same answer-NONE. Not because Kenyans have weak academic credentials but simply because there is none. Our people suffer from delusions and illusions   that drugs have  some hidden ‘benefits’ but at our right mind, everyone knows that drug abuse is a mere death trap and an obstacle to our goals
It will do you no good to gravitate your efforts in the outlawed substances as your peers are busy making a kill out of their talents and fine tuning their CVs to flag off their lifetime dreams. Travel the less traveled road by making an individual decision to take advantage of the counseling services offered by NACADA or any other counseling office and detach from drugs forthwith. How will this piece of writing help that lad in Mtwapa currently injecting drugs and planning on how to evade a property to enable him get the next puff? Everyone has a duty to play. There is much to do but less has been done. Be proud when you influence that one person in your neighborhood to make a mental shift and turn away from drugs. If everyone swept their door, the whole world will be swept at the end of the day. Every little contribution is necessary and despite the barrage of criticism such courses are exposed to, positive impact is inevitable.
I would not choose drug abuse if choice existed, because it’s not a bright idea.
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