Kenya is waiting on You, Mr. President

Monday, 13 January 2014

A recent Ipsos-Synovate survey showed that the Jubilee government has performed below Kenyans’ expectations in its nine months in power. Primary among the factors that caused that poor rating are insecurity, a high cost of living and unemployment. The country was plagued by a myriad of problems in 2013, including teachers’ strike, and health workers strikes, and terrorist and ethnic attacks, among others. Personal issues and coalition wrangles aside, these must be addressed in 2014.
Introduction of tax on basic commodities, increased parking fees in most counties, higher fares, the controversial NSSF rates and the punitive fines introduced in many new bills are a harsh reality to many Kenyans, political affiliation notwithstanding. Demands for salary raises will be inevitable.
Public universities continue to churn out thousands of graduates into the ever shrinking job market. Worse still, there has been a talk of retrenchment of civil servants. Millions of idle, jobless and frustrated young people that increase every year cannot be good for the country.
The government should not forget that the opposition garnered almost half of the total votes cast, which makes it very powerful regardless of their numbers in parliament. Any misgivings in the Jubilee’s 50-50 power sharing agreement will cause massive walkout of the Rift valley leaders. And if silent calls for referendum can be believed, the government should be prepared for very tough times.
Mr. President, such events as they will unfold in 2014, will have an impact on your future in politics and the legacy you will be remembered for. The country is watching. 

By Reagan Nyadimo
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