Why I dont Support Mututho’s New Set of law.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I applaud Hon Mututho for his gallant fight against excessive alcoholic intake. He has withstood critics and insults to ensure Kenyans remain sober to build this Nation. Statistics on the number of young people indulging in alcohol is worrying and there is urgent need to curb more youths from wasting their lives in substance abuse. President Kenyatta in his early stages of power joined the Nation in fighting this unbecoming vice among Kenyans youths as young people are the drivers of this economy.
However, the new set of rules to impose a fine of up to sh. 100000 to Kenyans who will default to pay sh.1000 to be allowed to take alcoholic drinks to their home is burdening Wananchi and enriching the police. The issue also lies with the timing of the law since December is the only Month that Kenyans get to merry, exchange notes with friend and know each other in indoor parties and offices. It is also that time of the year when most graduations are taking place and most parties are held to that effect. So why the hurry to implement law now? Is the sole reason to curb excessive alcoholic intake or extort money from Kenyans during this festive season? The notice of the new set of rules is also too short for most premises to comply with and citizens to adjust.
If Mututho’s intention is to curb early exposure of alcoholic drinks to children, then there was absolutely no need of doing away with sitting places or forms of entertainment within wine and spirit premises. This in itself is a breach of the constitution as it limits the citizens to gather in certain areas that the law deems fit for them.
Just how will this new law be implemented? Does it mean that if one wants to buy an alcoholic drink worth sh. 200 from a supermarket s/he must part with sh.1000 to be allowed to leave the supermarket? What of the houses with alcoholic counters? Will they be required to pay sh.1000 daily to be allowed to keep the contents in their homes? Is the Honorable aware that the police needs to have a search warrant to get into any building? Or law enforcers will be given mandate to walk into any home to check for alcoholic contents? Another violation of the supreme law that respect privacy of her citizens. These are just few limitations of the new law.   
Hon Mututho is punishing the wrong people. If his major aim is to clip the irresponsible habits of young people from overspending in alcoholic substances, then he should know that young people Do not Drink from home.

 By Reagan Nyadimo
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