Why The Rift Valley Tour Will Not bear Fruits.

Friday, 20 December 2013

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Kenya has grown in many areas over the years. Democratic space and political freedom are some of the major gains we pride ourselves with after 24 years of self-rule and oppression. Political space come with the advantage of openness where leaders drawn from one party are allowed to display their dis-pleasures over policies they are discontent with and  without victimization given space to air their views. This doesn’t mean they are trying to be heroes of the day as it is always perceived in Kenya. It should rather be seen as a way of keeping the government in check over policies they wish to implement. It is true this is the work of the opposition but it doesn’t make the leaders in government stereotypes and sycophants of the regime. 

The responsibility of any government is serve to the people through policies that are in line with their manifestos. It doesn’t mean the government will always be right in the implementation of its policies. Therefore, disgruntle within the party is inevitable. The government must be aware that the introduction of taxes on basic commodities, the draconian media bill that has just been signed into law, the recent verbal attacks with the Judiciary, the devolution cash raw and the NGOS standoff didn’t receive support from all quarters in Kenya. This puts leaders from these regions in an awkward position as their silence would mean they are not serving the people. 
picture by diasporamessenger.com
In regards to this, the Sentiments echoed by a section of Jubilee officials, the abusive language use by the deputy president and speeches made by the president in the Rift Valley tour are worrying. Threatening to take action on leaders who will not toe the line as a form of encrypting fear in them is taking away the freedom of expression and the powers invested in leaders by the people and the supreme law. The Rift valley tour was a clear display of sycophancy. It depicts a government that is impressed by leaders who kisses her boots. Government that fear opposition. 

The devolve system of government doesn’t provide room for politics of sycophancy since the government of the day can no longer hold hostage the development of any County, Unlike in the old Constitution where leaders would do anything to please the government of the day to allow resources to be taken to their regions. This makes it hard for the senate to pass bills that in the end will hurt their counties.

Jubilee government should therefore listen to the grievances of her leaders and address them appropriately instead of reverting to chest-thumbing rhetoric’s and denigration of her leaders in public. This continuing hostility towards discontent leaders portrays them as an oppressive government that doesn’t take views of the people.  

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University
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