Vandalism In Kenyatta University

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Vandalism concept -
Universities are known to pick the best brains from the society, nurture and build the same for the betterment of the society. It is for this reason that we represent the crème da la crème of society and are the epitome of success. We command a lot of respect from every quarter of the society, not to forget we are being nurtured by the best brains in Kenya. This is why we should inculcate self-discipline accompanied with a sense of mutual and individual responsibility whenever we go.  

The facilities and equipment we are allowed to use are in place because students, who used them decades ago knew for a fact that the institution would not end with them. Have we ever stopped to think what would become of this world if people who came across ideas/books, penned them down and confiscated the vessels of knowledge? Think of the labs? Would we have made the major gains in this world if people destroyed these instruments of knowledge?
All facilities and buildings in this fast- growing institution are purposely in place to benefit us. From the post-modern library, School of Engineering, Ku-Campanile to the seats we use in lecture halls.  The beauty and development of this Institution is a pride to any bonafide student of Kenyatta University. 

We are breeding a culture where students have formed a habit of pulling down the facilities of this University carelessly and escaping the eyes of the authorities. The computer lab is the worst affected. The computers that are meant to serve the students are being under-used or rather unused because we have taken away either a computer mouse and/or tampered with either CPUS or Keyboards. Shortage of sitting facilities in our lecture halls is of our own making. We either transfer seats to areas where they are exposed to sunshine and rain in the process reducing their utility span or in some occasions break them. Dressing mirrors in most of our hostels are no more. Take a walk in our institution and you will be surprised at the magnitude of damage that has been maliciously done by students. Along our swimming pool, one of the metal bars meant to shield primary school going children from accessing waters without the presence of guards is missing.  As you are reading this piece, signboard along art complex is in ruins for the second time in a period less than a year. Probably hit by a student who was intoxicated. At the same time last semester, the sign board at the Students Business Centre was taken down in the same manner by unknown students. 

The university is spending millions of shillings in repairs, cash that would be set aside to improve the well-being of students. Let us take it upon ourselves to guard the properties of this institution. It does you no harm to caution your fellow comrade from vandalizing facilities meant to guide and benefit us. Let us be the third eye of this university and make it the University of Choice.
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