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Thursday, 5 December 2013


Kenyatta University is at it again. It is not the first time nor will it be the last time we are engaged in it but it has formed part of the university calendar to elect “NEW” crop of students’ leaders after every academic year. Leaders we hope will bring the real change in every aspect of comrades’ well-being in this fast growing institution. There are very significant areas that students often need immediate help, areas that play a colossal role in the life of any student. The key areas are the accommodation and the issues touching on fees. Accommodation still remains a major problem and a thorn in the flesh to the administration even though it is not just an issue in Kenyatta University but it is an issue cutting across all institutions of higher learning. It's for this reason that KUSA officials can do very little to improve the current situation as it stands but they can stretch their muscles to ensure that the available off campus accommodation are affordable for students and make frequent visits to some of these hostels to show solidarity. The same officials are also expected to come up with programs to ensure enough money is raised to sponsor needy students.  That’s what we call comradeship
     However, this academic year’s election has come at a very delicate time when the country is barely a year from the general election that nearly divided us along ethnic lines. A period less than a year is not enough for a complete healing of a Nation that is still grappling with ethnicity. The chaos that erupted a few weeks after the election was a clear sign of denial from a clique of students who let emotions took a better part of them and nearly brought the institution to shame.  Of interest is the reluctance by the institution to speed up  the healing process and reconcile students into the spirit of comradeship, a move that ought to have been fronted by our own leaders from KUSA.
Having said that, the society expects much from us and will never tolerate any mischief or mediocrity when it comes to the leaders we elect into office. Let us be a role model for this institution by electing leaders that are vibrant, responsible and students focus. Politics is only good and healthy when it is not based on ethnicity and political affiliations. Money should not be a reason we rally behind a candidate, rather we should distinguish honest and true leaders from cash cows that think money can buy everything. In short, we are too expensive to be playing politics of money.
To the KUSA aspirants, manifestos are not just modalities to be used to entice students, rather they are what makes you unique and give you an upper hand to be trusted with power. To that effect, have manifestos that you’re genuinely capable of accomplishing. Have you ever wondered why KUSA leaders feature less in the politics of this country? Well, it is because we have formed a culture of decorating our manifestos and deceiving students into believing everything we have listed as part of our manifestos only to get into power and accomplish nothing but our selfish agendas of robbing the institution of its cash into meetings that never materialize into anything concrete to boost students’ welfare's.
Be a leader of integrity, of impeccable character, stand by your words and fulfill your manifestos to students. The students, lecturers, administration and the world will recognize and reward you in the long run. This is the only chance where leadership is nurtured.
Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University

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