Varsities dens of illiterate, lazy Facebook addicts

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Merchants offering ready-made thesis and project papers is not news to public universities. In fact as a student, I am  not shocked. When one joins public university the slogan that meets you is "Degree Ni Harambee" (meaning joint effort)This slogan slowly penetrates the students' mind to the point where one sees reading as a waste of time. The art of the "Harambee" spirit is perfected in a way that students read only the topics that impresses them and ask their fellows to grasp the rest, then they eventually sit close enough to exchange the knowledge in CATS or Main exams.

                                           pictureVery few students always engage in take away cats. It is always left for the book warmers to do their research, consult the lectures and eventually put it in writing only for the rest to copy paste and change few insignificant words. The irony in this is that the students who did the original works always end up getting the least marks. Exam period is the worse. Library and reading sections are full but a keen look at the students, reveal that majority are writing  "MWAKENYA" commonly know as "MWAKS" . I was taken a back one day when in some few hours to exams, a student came into the hall panting and panicking. It was not like somebody had passed on but was running to come and photocopy” mwakenya” from a friend. Cases of physical fights between  lecturers and students during exams to avoid evidence have become rampant in universities. 

The number of students borrowing books from the library have drastically reduced making librarian work very attractive. Yet the demand for computers has risen with the same margin. It's not that students are doing research or something, but it's because one has to wait for hours for another student to finish downloading movies at the same time face-booking.

No wonder the job market is in a serious crisis and have decried about half baked students not because lecturers are lazy but the fact that universities are slowly turning out to be dens of lazy illiterate and Facebook addicted students, who neither read nor think beyond examination.
Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University 

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