Revolution Mean death, destruction

Thursday, 5 December 2013


It is sad, worrying and disheartening to note that even after addressing this vice, Kenyans are still deeply divided amongst ethnic lines. Words serve as the most powerful weapon to bring down a state. A lot of caution and maturity should be exercised in regards to what comes our mouth. Sadly, it seems like we never took any lessons from the 2007/2008 post election violence. We do not know what it means to live in fear, live in suspicion and see a loved one’s life cut short from this world. The pain of losing an investment and the permanent memories in living a lie.  Probably most of us happen to be amidst our communities as people slept in cold nights.

We are seeing Egypt as role model state oblivious of the myriad of problems women and children are facing, clueless of the number of children that have been left without parents, families rendered homeless and the number of people going without food. This is why we can dare open our guts and talk about REVOLUTION like it’s some kind of  a holiday. It’s fun to say it because we are not the ones living with scars, we are not the ones sleeping in cold awaiting resettlement. Probably it is the best way to hurt those who are in power right? 

Before we passed the new constitution, words from the experts was that it will take probably 20 years before we begin gaining the fruits of the new supreme law. Every government wants to leave a legacy and in the process of finding its ground, mistakes are inevitable. No human being has ever reached the heights of success before landing on mistakes and learning from them. That is why we should not be quick to fault the current regime when it tumbles. Absurd words like REVOLUTION only make us zombies. History is fraught with lessons for the wise .How long did it take our forefathers to lift this Nation? So before we talk about such words, let us think intelligently and wisely.

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University

Published Mon, July 29, 2013/ The Standard

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