Insecurity In Moyale

Thursday, 5 December 2013

It is now apparently clear that the security agents in this country can no longer be trusted to safeguard the lives of Kenyans. This country has lost thousands of lives and still continue to lose lives under the full glare of security bosses. The constitution spells out that it is governments mandate to protect and safeguard the lives of its citizens. The supreme law regards the sanctity to life and respects it to that effect.  It is not a favor, it is the right of every Kenyan to be protected by the state regardless of their status quo, political inclination and irrespective of where they hail from. 
                          Moyale clashes       
So much have been said about the incompetence of our security officers to protect this Nation, yet little has been done by the concerned arm of the government to redeem its defaced image.  Kenyans are being robbed, raped, mugged and killed every single day. The statistics are worrying and disheartening. How can Kenyans be butchered for days without the presence of security officers? How possibly can 20 Kenyans lose their lives so easily without drawing attention from the concern bodies? Which government sits back with such a nightmare? We sit in public offices fattening and soliciting money from starving Kenyans at the expense of lives? Do we have a human rights commission? If yes, at what point should they intervene in a situation like this?
We have formed a culture where so many atrocities are being swept under the carpet. It is months since Kenyans lost their lives in Bungoma, Wajir and Mandera yet not a single person has been brought to book. If Kimaiyo is incapable of bringing sanity in this country, how much will it cost him to take responsibility for his negligence? Are we safe in our own Country Bwana Kimaiyo? Security is paramount in any country and if Inspector of police is overwhelmed with duties, let him be shown the door. Period. 

Reagan Nyadimo, Ku
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