No Job for You? Think outside the Box to earn a Living

Thursday, 5 December 2013


As a concern student, time and again we have been told to be job creators not job seekers. As much as having a lucrative job and earning some income is a good thing, we should never stop thinking that life is full of surprises. For most people, the future does not unfold as planned. Frightful accidents often change a person’s life forever. Financial security may vanish like the morning fog, forcing us to rethink our plans about college, or to make room in our homes for parents who no longer are capable of caring for themselves.  If anyone in the bible was a survivor, it surely was the prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah had difficult experiences that were not of his making.
We as young people need to make an inventory today of our preparation for whatever surprise or crisis may be around the next turn in the road. I can think of one area that need special attention while we still have time and opportunity to prepare for the unknown-economic independence. In the event that we are not absorbed in the job market after campus or college life what next? Will we sit back and wait for all the knowledge we have acquired vanish? Or we can beat the odds and make something for ourselves? The future will not be kind to the unprepared. But the rewards of preparation are great. 
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I am not a pessimist who sees only trouble ahead neither am I a romantic idealist who ignores those same problems. Let’s be determined to be aware of the potholes in the road of life but absolutely committed to working our ways around, maybe even through them. We have banks that offer affordable loans to young people, why can’t we approach these same banks and ask for financial assistance, and then we can begin venturing into a small business that generates us an income? We can begin this while we are still in college or campus. Let us engage our lecturers, mentors and seek their support as we seek to find meaning in our lives.
This may be a tall order but let us engage our minds and think outside the box, get out of our comfort zones and become small entrepreneurs. Lets us not sit back and wait for opportunities to come, let us create those opportunities. It is from these small opportunities that the world will notice us and give us opportunities to prosper.
Lets us remember that we are marketable when we are busy doing something.

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University.

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