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Thursday, 5 December 2013

                     41 perish in horror Narok bus accident
On a more serious note, we cannot continue to have the same chain of command in our traffic police officers. Not unless we want to continue seeing more blood on our roads. The questions that are arising on the Narok-Nairobi road accident are the same questions that were raised when we lost our pupils in the Kisii greasily road accident. However, the slight variation is the fact that In the Narok case, the traffic police officers who were supposed to be manning our roads were the first to point out the mistakes of the ill-fated bus. One was that the city-city bus didn’t have a TLC license and the second was that the bus was overloaded. How many road blocks did the ill-fated bus pass before reaching Narok? Were these road blocks manned by traffic police?
Banning night travels is what I can describe as the most absurd move by the law makers or lack of words ignorant move. Will the ban bring to an end the vices we see on our roads today? Will the ban stop the bribery we see every day on our roads? Will it stop public vehicles from overloading? The same applies to the mobile courts that were recently launched on our roads. Quick fixes will not help this country evade from the reality on the root cause of the rot in our roads.
What needs to be done and must be done urgently is to overhaul the entire command in the traffic department then review the Michukis rules. Speed governors and seat belts have become archives in our public service vehicles. Simple way to prove this, when was the last time you used a seat belt while moving from town Centre to your estate?  After straightening the core office, the country can then divert the attention to psv owners and companies. The drivers of all the public service vehicles should be registered with the police department, the vehicles they drive and the time they are to arrive at their destination. Not to forget, the drivers should have qualifications from a recognized driving school and be kept by the employer. Standard mode of payment should also be worked out for all the vehicles and in that regard, the drivers should be on the payroll. Finally the shift should be diverted to the wananchi who use the vehicles.  A heavy penalty should be levied on whoever boards the vehicle that is full and neglect using the seat belt.

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University
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