Ethnic Hatred

Thursday, 5 December 2013

One does not need to go far to understand how ethnicity has eaten into young minds in this country. Just open your Facebook account and see how young people insult each other on their platforms. Surprising enough, some of these sites are for higher learning institutions.  The majority if not all social sites are literate people. Therefore, I am of the opinion that no amount or level of education can quell this unbecoming behavior. 
Can self discipline do much to curb this vice?  If young people can  learn to express their feelings and convictions with courage balanced with consideration for the feelings and convictions of another person, then we will see less of the ethical overtones in our social sites.
If we the young leaders of tomorrow are really interested in seeing this country eroded from the list of 3rd world countries and are determined in overcoming the pull of the past-those powerful restraining forces of habit, custom and culture-to bring about the desired change, then we should breed response-ability; ability to choose our response to any circumstance or condition. When we are response-able, our commitment becomes more powerful than our moods. 

The character should be from inside-out and the major contributors where it should be planted is in our very homes. But why this has failed is the fact that 90% of our conversation with our parents is about budget, planning, operations and logistics. Our parents should take sometimes perhaps 10% to educate us on the need to embrace other communities. It may not be pleasant, but for the sake of this Nation and her future leaders, our parents should remain committed to creating unstructured time for these conversations. We may blame the curriculum in our institutions for the root cause of ethnicity but charity begins at home.

What logic does it make when our parents are so much engrossed in building this Nation to an extend of neglecting the acts that will take this country forward yet their own security are at risk going by the direction in which ethnicity has taken.
The wanton killings in Wajir, Mandera and Bungoma are not just coincidences. We forget so fast about the atrocities committed in 2007. These are just a click of examples how deep the cancer of ethnicity has eaten our Nation.
The inspector Of Police admitted recently that the killings witnessed recently in our country are politically instigated. The best the department can do is to bring to the book the people involved of which we are yet to see. But this is just a quick fix to ending ethnicity. We are wasting time putting unnecessary pressure on the police department yet we are ignoring the root cause of ethnicity.
In which election did we ever see the fight to end ethnicity as the agenda within 100 days in office? We cannot link the coming by-election in Makueni as the course of the re-surfaced hatred amongst Kenyans in social sites but ethnicity has existed in this country longer than we can imagine. Very little was done after the election to curb this vice and our very institutions is doing very little to cure this cancer. The chaos witnessed in Kenyatta University was not a coincidence. We have bodies Mandated to roll out measures to aid young people embrace unity but they continue to earn salaries yet they are doing very little to end this vice. A year to election is not enough to cage this beast. It’s a lifetime process. I will not be surprised If we will be forced to learn hard lessons like Rwanda before we unearth this monster. 

We are so much absorbed into jobs and infrastructure and we forget this country will not go far with ethnicity still remaining a threat to every citizen. And this is why have taken the ball back to our very homes. For young people away from homes, lets us spend our free time thinking of ways to assist the government attain its double digit growth because our employment runs at risk hence we should stop wasting our valuable time insulting each other behind those buttons. A special day should be set aside in our calendars’ to take stock of the steps we have taken to cure this disease. Otherwise ethnicity will kill vision 2030.

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University

Published Wednesday July 3, 2013/ Daily Nation

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