Tackle the Wage Bill Once and For all

Thursday, 5 December 2013


The confusion and internal power struggles that have engulfed our public offices which will soon cripple the output of civil servants and injure their moral must be resolved once and for all by the concerned authorities. Kenya is still grappling with a high wage bill and one of the loopholes in shelving the high wage bill lies in double roles played in the corridors of public offices. It is not in bad faith nor for any selfish reasons that I point out these concerns, but it is clearly in the public interest for the government and policy makers to see into it that the wage bill is reduced to a manageable level, where the country does not spend fortunes in paying salaries and leaving peanuts for development and job creation.
Serem lead commission that has been at the forefront fighting for cushioning of the country’s wage bill must rise to the occasion and advise the government and policy makers to take up this matter with the seriousness it deserves and to see into it that these concerns are tackled. This will be one of the many ways it will redeem its defaced image to the public and win peoples trust in its role that has clearly been entrenched in the constitution. There is no law that permits payments of dues for services not rendered or rather services that have been sub standardly delivered. 
Our MPs’ should stop their selfish bargains and debate for their hefty future pay packs and table this matter in parliament. They should be well informed that they are in their positions to serve the public. To serve that economically challenged, weak and defenseless senior citizen who was scorched, spared his time and spent hours in line waiting to vote for them. They should be the first to raise these pertinent issues and take the government to task over measures it is putting in place to resolve these concerns.
Before we take this country into election moods again by the calls for referendum where billions of shillings are going to be spent, let our leaders needle out this issue first less we want to continue borrowing from our neighbors who in return may lose respect in our sovereignty. 

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University

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