Darks Are Dawning Back In Kenya

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What is the essence of celebrating 50 years yet we are reverting back to the very things that we shed blood for? The problem with this digital government is that it is being run by leaders’ majority from the paper generation (Moi’s Regime). Leaders that are dillusioned they will remain kings forever. Information is power and a country that her citizens are well informed about their government, leaders and security forces is a prosperous country.  Lack of information leads to fear, panic and unhealthy rumors that are likely to tear apart any country. It is for this reason that media houses were put in place with professional reporters under oath to give comprehensive and detailed information without any element of biasedness to separate truth from fiction. Contributions of media to this country are immense and they cannot be quashed away by leaders who are blinded by greed to protect their selfish agendas from the public.
If media houses will only be allowed to release information in ways that pleases a clique of leaders in this country, then we are taking away the role of reporters and handing them to quacks. Case in point is the recent terror attack on West-gate. How Kenyans who were thirsting for information were treated to drama on the number of innocent Kenyans who lost their lives. If it were not for independent media houses, we would still be mining for the truth.
This country has made a lot of strides to be where it is. We have lost a good number of great leaders who spent their entire lives fighting for the freedom we are currently enjoying. Blood was shed for the course that is currently being overlooked by a cartel of leaders who think information about this country should be a reserve for the rich, powerful and influential.
What was the essence of the president sending  the controversial media bill back to the house to propose changes that abuse the supreme law of this country, undermine press freedom and endangers democracy? This in itself raises eyebrows on the intentions of the government for this country since the constitution prohibits the government from enacting laws which interfere with the freedom of the press. 
Freedom of press must be protected at all cost as it determines a country's  democratic space"@" Mr. Joe Kadhi.
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