Works of Idle Minds Cause Panic in Kenyatta University

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

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By Reagan Nyadimo

In what was seen as works of idle minds, Kenyatta University students were thrown into a state of confusion and panic today around mid-day when texts circulating from unknown source informed students that exams scheduled for late March were postponed till further notice due to the ongoing lecturers strike. The text that read “Hi Comrades Exams Have Been postponed Officially Till Further Notice Due To the Prevailing Strike for the Lecturers. Pliz Pass to Others. From Lone Felix” was not taken lightly by a section of students who were in the library preparing for the exams whose fate hangs in the balance. This was followed by mass exodus from the postmodern library as some students were even planning to pack and go home than idle around the university with exams not forthcoming. Kenyatta University Foundation
A number of calls and messages from concerned students prompted a sharp reaction from the Kenyatta University president Lone Felix who rubbished the claims and called upon students to remain calm as the situation is being sorted out. In a message sent through social media, Felix denied any knowledge of the text and informed students that the university has not closed down and there are no plans to postpone exams. He further reiterated that students will be compensated for their lost time and if there will changes in regards to the dates of examination then students should expect official communication from his office and not through third party sources or from alternative sources that are not linked to the school administration.  As sign of solidarity with the Kenyatta University students association, deputy vice-chancellor (Academic) Prof.John Okumu further distanced its office from the claims and termed the stray text as rumors and urged students to remain calm as the issues of Industrial Action is being handled by the relevant organs of the government. 
A source privy to senate matters who didn’t want to be named as he is not allowed to speak on behalf of the administration said that such uncalled for actions can earn a student expulsion from the university and hinted that the senate will do all it can to establish the origin of the text whose effect would have caused the university its name. This is the second time in less than four days that Kenyatta University students are thrown into panic mode. The former case was on Sunday March 16, 2014 when academic secretary Dan Mark was forced to be office to calm 3rd years who had vowed to cause chaos in this world class University by taking their frustrations to Thika-road if their grieve senses were not heard and addressed by the relevant authorities. This was after rumors started circulating that 3rd years were scheduled to go home for another long holiday when they had come from another equally long academic break. 
It is evident that students are becoming idle in campuses, therefore the relevant organs need to move with speed to resolve the lecturers strike and curb such uncalled for rumors otherwise universities may face double tragedy as there are malevolent students who are out to cause chaos,destruction and destroy properties under the banner of lecturers strike.  
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