Lecturers Deal that Caught Students pants down

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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The news of the lecturers strike that had reached its 7th day being called off was not received well by a section of students. The news that came around 7pm caught many students off-guard as majority of them had down-loaded their books and began engaging in other ventures. A sizable number of students had found comfort in their homes while others had taken vacation to far off places such as coast and Nakuru to have a good time with their friends. As per today’s morning news and the collapsed talks between the Vc’s and the KUSU officials the previous day, no students could predict the end of lecturers strike. In fact going by vicious protests that lasted longer than usual around Kenyatta University premises, there was no clue that strike could end anytime soon. This among many other factors finance not being brushed aside, lead to laxity around campus premises with a good number of students replacing reading with movies. This took place even with the knowledge of the tight schedule ahead of them should strike be called off anytime of the day as March is a month marked with lots of C.A.TS and take away assignments there after examinations. 
Beginning tomorrow, many students are forced to wake up earlier than usual in order to beat deadline for their take away assignments and prepare for their second cats scheduled for next week. It is yet to be seen how students who took a vacation to far off places will find their way back to campus and attend lecturers scheduled for tomorrow and perhaps sit for the cats scheduled for Thursday and Friday.
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