Why it is a bonus to Conceive in Campus

Monday, 24 March 2014

 By Mwalimu Adinasi
Well this must bring debate, but it is the truth. We often see expecting “sisters” in Campus and the next thing we ask ourselves is REALLY are there no contraceptives in these Universities, or Are the ICL’s sleeping on their job (Stocking dispensers and peddling CD’s)?
Well   curiosity of a journalist always carries the day, so I set to find out. From the outset, I respect the ladies who have since conceived and those who are planning to, because of two reasons one,  they value life, instead of killing the innocent “brat” they give a chance to life, secondly they are fertile and no doubt they can give a series of lives given another chance and means. In this regard having a wife who already has a kid is a plus to men.
A research conducted in Moi University, where in every five ladies two are pregnant, shows that pregnancy is a plus to the young learning friends. It was established that when an expecting lady sits for her exams, her memory is boosted making her remember that she read.
Spare me the biological bit, because the research did not care to investigate that.  When a lady is expecting, the IQ is boosted and she would dedicate much of her time reading and attending lectures. The study stated,
“Often ladies concentrate on how they look in class, diverting their attention to mark who would be interested in surveying their body geography and salivating for their moistened glossy lips”.
This makes them absorb 3% - 5% of the lectures, which they forget as soon as they step out of class, where the “lions” get a chance to appreciate their efforts to appear smart that particular day. Contrary to when a lady is pregnant, she dedicates her time to what is important, taking the courage to get to a class with her un-born, she would absorb the 85% and the rest she would revise. Am yet to see or hear a man telling a pregnant lady that she looks beautiful or even hug a pregnant lady in public, even when you are the one behind “nuisance” in the tummy.
The transcripts that were checked in the course of the research indicated consistent grades of A’s and B’s, very few Cs. Aside from that, the children born in Campus are bright naturally. A case example is Otieno Akoth from Golden Elite, the top 2013 KCPE candidate, who was born in a gown when the mother was graduating some years back.
It is possible to improve your grades through other means, but ladies have another natural way.
Finally if a lady constantly fails due to little absorption, try this.

Mwalimu Adinasi is a Freelance Journalist and a media student in Maseno University.  

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