We shall soon toast Champagne at gay weddings, believe me.

Monday, 24 March 2014

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The country is broke. All the civil servants will content with 20% less package into their coffers, take it or leave. We don’t care. The government is attempting to fight the economic recession through all the avenues. The West has always been at our beck and call when it comes to economic salvation, and if you ask me, this would be the time for the son of the soil, Barrack Obama, to extend the arm of amnesty. The clash of the civilizations between the West and some of the African states are the genesis of some of these problems.
The conspiracy of the new world order seems to be achieving its base along these occurrences. In his paper titled Clash of Civilizations, 1993, Samuel Huntington remarked that the final phase of the human evolution would be the conflict of civilizations, or better still the clash of civilizations. This might not affect us so much but our neighbors Uganda may be in for a shock. We have always guarded our civilization as Africans with pride and the poking from the west has always been ignored greatly. We are at the final phase of evolution where our civilization will be subdued by the West or we do the same to theirs, however the latter is a sheer dream. 
Happy father with big stomach proudly looking at his stomach Few weeks ago, we applauded the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, for appending his signature to the Gay law, which was indeed a Pan Africanism in action. Gay marriage to us is a culture of the West, it is obnoxious. From the other angle I see, twenty years from now after we shall have ushered in a new Kenya, fully industrialized having achieved vision 2030, we shall be uncorking champagnes, for those who will be alive, to either two women marrying each other or two rough chinned gentlemen saying “I do” down the aisle. Our civilization shall be far away from reach, and yes we shall have a liberal society.
The Africans have always compromised their civilizations. It dates back to the arrival of the white men, who brainwashed the Africans first with religion the enslaved, them in their own land. Karen Blixen, a white settler who owned entire Karen estates in Nairobi writes that rhythm of taming a wild animal is the same for the African native. Indeed, we have never taken pride in our culture.

The most important component of civilization is the avenue to a consensus, language. The Africans have never taken pride in their language; Julius Nyerere stressed the used of the native language as a way of ensuring self governance. Some countries like Kenya adopted the White-man’s language as medium for communication. They paid through their noses to learn that language. In primary schools where we learnt, speaking our mother tongue was a crime, it earned many including me strokes and hefty punishments. The disc, a small timber, was circulated in class for those who spoke the mother tongue. Speaking our language which is a basic component of our civilization was a crime.

This happens several years after the independence of our country, English is the only language that would show superiority in the public sphere, as a matter of fact students would laugh at you if you don’t imitate a White-man’s accent while speaking English. The churches today have got single language of preaching, English. My current Sunday school class cannot recite the Lord’s Prayer in vernacular, and many kids are taught English at tender ages. Due to the ethnical alignments in our country even the native names are slowly fading away, we are adopting the English names. What is this if not colonizing us again?
In his analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations, Arnold Toynbee states that civilizations come, they grow and die, and when civilizations die, we “burry them in the sands of time”. This fact worries me a great deal; will we soon bury the African civilization? Bearing in mind that Christi
Having accepted the culture of the West in all our activities, I have no doubt, in a matter of few years we shall accept the gay marriage and we shall approve it. There are things we considered taboo in our culture, they were nowhere near our civilization. In the early 1990s, mentioning condom was a taboo, talking about sex with our children was a taboo, kissing in our weddings and hugging of couples before the children was a sin. Today we have adopted them; we even walk in hot pants in the house with our children seeing everything in us. We visit the swimming pools and swim with them, we kiss in front of them and it doesn’t raise an eyebrow. Civilization. We are all colonized; eating the local delicacy like pilau using bare hands is an embarrassment. The Western Civilization is here to stay. 
 Picture or Photo of Young Black Woman wearing a mini skirt n a dark background Sacita Duffy in miniature white shorts doing her laundry. 
Before the arrival of the White with the iron horse, our dress code was different. The ladies covered their bodies and men had little to admire from them, the culture underwent metamorphosis, into scanty materials that only covers a section of the “fundamentals”. These cloths all originate from the West; they are damped in our country. The clothes either expose or cover but reveal the geography of the body.  
Dress code of the West and the hairstyle are dictated by many factors, some of which are out of Africa, however the Africans will adopt anything from the West after all they are the custodians of the best civilization.

New World Order
If the conspiracy of the new world order is anything to go by, then it would be inherent to relook at the gay marriage law in Africa and Kenya as a state. The West are the Super Powers, they would without doubt, push for cultural hegemony in which the other civilizations would be forced to adopt. The gay marriage is a “thing” of the West, they are the movers and the shapers of the economy, and they are the economic salvation of the nations at a time of need. The poor developing nations would be going down to their door steps to seek for help in the forms of grants and the loans. Kenya and other countries in Africa accepted many odd things from the West, swimming together with your son in the beach or swimming pool, hanging your daughter in public which initially was a taboo, kissing your wife in front of your children, and of course with time you will accept same sex relationship, you will live with them and attend the same functions together. Why waste time, accept and move on. That is where we are headed.
All the West wants in order to support the free primary education, in order to salvage Kenya and other African countries from the economic desperation is to accept the gay partners. Influence Uganda to accept the fact that same sex partners deserve a better life, and move on. They want Africans to abandon their culture, as they did before, and kowtow them, then shall be saved from these left and right problems. The choice is yours Take or leave it.

Kassim Mwalimu Adinasi,
The writer is a Communication student at Maseno University, and a Freelance Journalist.

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