Nyanza Should Think Beyond Raila

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

By Reagan Nyadimo

If we had many people like Christ, then world would be a different place.  We would be free from poverty and cancer of ethnicity. Christ was aware of this and He left us with the twelve disciples to continue with His good work. It was for the same reason that we fought so hard for multi-party state at the time Kenya was yawning for political freedom to allow divergent opinions and give room for leaders to express themselves freely without victimization. Since then Kenya has had great leaders, many of whom we still remember vividly and celebrate years after their demise. The late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga ruled Luo Nyanza for many years. During his reign, great leaders like the late Tom Mboya, Ronald Ngala and Achieng Aneko worked alongside him( Not For him) to bring developments  in their regions and built schools for the benefit of the communities around them.  Retired President Daniel Moi ruled for 24 years and towards the end of his tenure gave the people a point man. He gave them political space and allowed them to execute their functions without interference. This partly explains why Central and Rift valley are rich with great politicians and may never drip to the category of political orphans. In Central we have polished leaders, likes of Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua. Leaders that didn’t experience any resistance from their communities despite running parallel campaigns with Uhuru Kenyatta.  In Rift Valley stands Isaac Ruto and new kid in the Block, Peter Keter. 
Western and Luo Nyanza should take a leave from these communities to give space for the upcoming leaders to grow irrespective of their political inclination. Developments spearheaded by Raphael Tuju during his time in Rarieda constituency cannot be washed away.  The stifled mobile clinic that would have been a relief to the Rarieda constituents and the good road network are just a few examples his good works and the love for his people. Despite all these, we ditched Raphael Tuju, burnt his homestead, called him names and rendered him useless. Who is suffering now?
This is why the supremacy battle between Cord Leader Raila Odinga and Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero is not healthy, will not bring development and will not improve the welfare of Nyanza people. Instead. It will yield into more meetings, politickings and wastage of money and resources that could be used for other projects in these regions. Raila Odinga may have no equalizer in regards to the works he has done for this country. Age is catching up with him and with time he will slow down. This calls for an urgent review of vibrant leaders who has peoples interest at heart. We should look at Nyanza Beyond Raila and stop this illusion that it is only through Odingaism that development and prosperity of the Nyanza people can be attained. He is just one way. There are many people that can do the same for their people in this regions. We only need to identify them and support them by all means possible instead of fighting them and killing them politically. Which sin does Kidero commit if works for his people, raised funds for them with delegations other than that of ODM fraternity?
Luo Nyanza must rise above this petty politics, embrace growth in leadership and allow divergent opinions from different leaders to allow them grow. That is how Raila we admire now came to be. We are killing democracy amongst ourselves by fighting leaders who have good course for us, leaders who are open minded and are keen to end cancer of ethnicity which has polarized this country for decades. If we shelve ourselves from other communities and the government, then we are paving ways for poverty. Let us work together with other leaders to serve this Nation and bring change in our communities.

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