Devolution And Witchcraft

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Why is Africa still practicing witchcraft even in this modern times? In the famous Roberts poem “Mending the wall” there is a clash between modernity and traditional practices. However, there are practices that the society should abandon to embrace modernity and decency. Modernity comes with education and intelligence unlike the old days where few people were empowered. An opportunity that opened doors for widespread deception and abusive practices.
In Kenya, it is an area that is left for religious leaders and people would rather not talk about it yet it affects the society in many ways and in the process hampering developments. Existence of numerous adverts from individuals promising to mend broken marriages, jobs, lost love and giving wealth is a clear indication that people still believe in these archaic practices. The jury is still out whether these practices really work or they are just other forms of extorting money from ignorant victims.    
Of witchcraft and devolution, there are areas in Kenya that have produced individuals who are powerful, influential and wealthy. Yet they still experience down hole development. These individuals cannot step into their villages nor sent a coin for development because of fear of these practices that threaten to bring them down. In some instances death or loss of jobs have been the end result of trying to make a difference in these areas.  
As we celebrate 50 years, there are parts of this country that have never seen a tarmac road nor even a structure beyond a grass thatched house. Parts Eastern Kenya, Western, Nyanza and Coastal region are the famous areas known for these practices. Areas where people would rather have their homes in congested cities than risk death in their villages.
Even as the constitution promises equity through devolution, there certain parts of this country that will still lag behind in development because of archaic believes and old practices. Unless the society is educated in ways that will change their mindset towards these believes, then devolution is still far from equity.

Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University
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