Corruption, Kenyans Major Hindrance to Prosperity

Sunday, 26 January 2014

We have had enough scandals in Kenya and for sure we expected the new regime to have picked lessons from the past to protect the tax payers’ hard earned cash and utilize them efficiently for the betterment of the wananchi. Kenyans have lost billions of shillings in Golden berg, Anglo-leasing, Grand Regency, and Maize Scandal. Monies that could have taken this country to greater heights of developments and elevated us from the list of 3rd world countries.

Are we such selfish and mean to an extent of grabbing sh. 5 billion and sh. 400 billion of tax payers’ money without blinking? Do our leaders really have the interest of people at heart? Do they really have empathy for the economically challenged and the hunger stricken Kenyans in the Northern parts of the country? Does the high unemployment rates ring a bell to any of our leaders? This country is rocked with many problems. Problems that could have been history if only our leaders are held accountable for their actions. The amount that this country have lost in scandals is enough to build Referral hospitals in every county, fully equipped schools and superhighways in every county. These are job openings for thousands of idling youths.
We always go for elections with hopes of bringing sanity to our rotten systems. We always look for an era that will solve the problems of unemployment, better health services, security and infrastructure. This partly explain why the youths decided to rally behind the digital government. They were tired of aged presidents that didn’t take their issues seriously.  The jubilee government should not therefore fade our hopes and dampen our spirit in just few months from election by engineering corruptions and ignoring the plights of Kenyan. 
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The NSSF sh. 5 billion project and the standard railway gauge project that may end up being the biggest scandal in Kenyans History may have come at an early stage to the Jubilee government. If cash of that magnitude can be lost in a span less than a year, then I question the ability of this government to fight corruption and fulfill its promises to the people of Kenya. As billions is lost in tenders, the government is claiming to have no money to pay teachers allowances and hire more to schools that are overwhelmed with pupils. The same government is intending to lay off thousands of civil servants in a bid to curb the high wage bill.  This is already an egg to the face of the president and his digital counter parts.
Kenya is tired of whistle blowers. We need action. There’s urgent need to overhaul the entire leadership in NSSF house and board members sacked and taken to court. Labour secretary Kazungu Kambi and Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli should not be exceptions as they have failed Kenyans. The standard railway gauge should also be stopped and the process started afresh. This is indeed a bad start for the year 2014. Time for verbal promises is long gone. Mr. Tobiko should begin this year by allowing the prosecution of the CBK boss over the sh. 1.2 billion security tender to set pace for the country. 

 By Reagan Nyadimo

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