Sharing With The Less Privileged Will Not Make You Any Poorer

Friday, 13 December 2013

By Gabriel Dinda.
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by sharing. This is a lyric which was enjoyed  centuries ago but still remains  a hard nut to crack to many of us. With our current society of hard economic times and lots of financial impediments,what do you expect?Some of us have literally given up on  deciphering what could have motivated Buddha to this end-in recording  this quote. 
You will probably not be surprised or it will surely be a repetition of routine by the mention of some acts which have evolved and formed part of our names today. Activities like throwing food to the dustbins while our neighbors die for lack of the same  have become so 'modern' that whoever talks about them is probably recommended for cerebral scan-in case of anything. If anything,everyone should be for themselves and God  our  common denominator,right?   But wait a minute!Why have we become so selfish and insensitive of late?Why have we developed  such a callous heart and sense of disregard for our neighbors. Maybe its because we have never taken a nature walk to the Kenyatta National Hospital's much- talked about wards and watch  how dire our help is needed. Again,we might have not have gotten the time  to visit Good Samaritan's Children's Home,Mathare. Until then,everything will make little sense and indeed so normal.
I doubt if it is rewarding  to keep a stock of snazzy outfits  while someone in the neighborhood is specifically struggling to cover the 'essential parts' with the little they own. Honestly,you will feel more blessed and indeed you will be,when you give such a person a single piece of linen than treating your buddies with litres of Bluemoon (no one said it's bad). The Holy Bible is  not mum in this either.(1John 3;17);But if anyone  has  the worlds goods and sees his brother in need,yet  closes his heart against him,how does God's love abide in him? Let's share what we have with the less privileged. No one would chose poverty if choice existed and all we own is as a result of God's Grace. It's not a requirement to give material assets to prove this. The ten seconds you will spend with the sick telling them that,''all will be well with your health'' or the thirty seconds you will keep the dumped adopted baby smiling with her toothless gum is enough to translate into lifetime moments of memories for them and indeed you shall have done your part to humanity. Give it a try. If I were you,during my birthday,before I throw in a rocked party of 'trusted' friends to help me usher in a new dawn, I would first make that one person change his hunger-infested diet,I would first cover that 'innocence' of the child whose ''responsible''parents willingly  donated to the dustbin after the ''accident''. When we give to the poor,we only become better off since our father in Heaven is never asleep. I will do my part to humanity,because it is  a noble thing to do. But remember,a bone to the dog is not charity,charity is the bone shared  with the dog,when you are just as hungry  as the dog. 

Gabriel Dinda is the chief Editor for Kenyatta University Career  Magazine 2014
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