Sunday, 9 November 2014

Are you a student with innate talent that is ready for exposure? Are you in dire need of a platform that will showcase your talent by giving you the audience? Well worry not; a Moi university student together with other ambitious undergraduates from the same institution has developed the first Kenyan social site to help you through this journey. The site which has attracted over 2000 students since its inception in May 2014 guarantees a wide viewership of intellects based on its policy to host crème de la crème of the society.
The platform provides a friendly and easy to use interface as you seek to market your talent. Unlike other social sites, vibe Campo has restricted entry to only college and university students. According to lead developer Brian Nyagol, this will foresee a site that is free from hate speeches, incitement and pornographic materials that have become the order of the day in other social sites.  
With the upsurge in the number of blogs in Kenya, Mr. Nyagol and his team have provided a platform where upcoming bloggers can take advantage of to post their pieces for wider readership. A unique feature about the newly launched site is that it has combined some of the best features used by the giant Facebook and Twitter that will keep you logged into the site for hours. What makes the site stand out is “World Digital Life” which is a News agency that will keep you informed on everything from Entertainment, sports to campus vibes.  You will also be able to save your piece anywhere, anytime, thanks to “My Note Book” Feature. Apart from technology ploughed into the site, other things that will keep you glued to the site include the number of influential university leaders Vibe-Campo has attracted three months after its launch in Moi University premises. Amongst them include Babu Owino, current SONU chairman, Dikembe Disembe, former secretary General Moi University and a renowned blogger, Jackson Siro, web designer Kenya Technical Teachers College among others
In the spirit of supporting passion and talent which remains its core mandate, Vibe-Campo has in the recent past partnered with Writers Guild Kenya, a newly launched writing platform that has brought together writers across Kenyan Universities with an aim of turning their passion to life long career. Members from this group based in Kenyatta University have immensely benefited from Vibe-Campo’s writing platform.
Priding itself with over thirty channels to update you, influential leaders in its site, passionate writers on board and high tech ICT gurus in its panel, Vibe-Campo will be launching yet another feature called “VibeCampo Corporate.” According to Nyagol, the main purpose of this feature will be to bridge the wide gap between the college and university students and the corporate world, giving ongoing students access to internships and finalists to open jobs as well as providing detailed head hunting tools and mechanism for prospective employers.
If you are a person of insight you can see that VibeCampo is taking care of the student life as well as serving the corporate world. Why left behind? Get your student account today, simple, easy and free at and be part of the fastest growing Kenyan students’ social site developed, governed and steered by one of our very own Kenyans.
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