How Ku Student Met His Death In Kahawa Wendani

Sunday, 9 March 2014

By Reagan Nyadimo

Kenyatta Universities’ students woke up on (26/02/2014) in a rude shock after news went around that a comrade’s life has been lost once again in Kahawa estates. Phenius Muriungi, met his death at Kahawa estate when he came face to face with a five suspected gang members who had just robbed an apartment in Kahawa. The five suspected gang had raided a house and were escaping on foot with the lootings when they met the student at the gate and hit him with a blunt object on the head killing him on the sport. A security guard who had tried to stop the gang from gaining entry into the apartment was also hacked to death. The incident that happened at around mid-night left two innocent people dead- a student and a night guard. Police officers from Kasarani division who responded on time managed to kill one of the suspect as others escaped. This incident happens barely 3 weeks after another student’s life was lost in the same area when he was accosted by unknown thugs who robbed him his valuables and took his life when he resisted the robbery. An incident that raised tension in the university that was only quelled after Kenyatta University administration through the student leader Lone Felix promised students that security will be beefed up in Kahawa estate. Close to 24 hours after the incident, there was no notice addressing the issue. A day after the news was reported in standard newspaper, Kenyatta University Students association (KUSA) executive council and a few members of the congress met police officers in charge of the areas predominantly occupied by Non-residents colleagues where a raft of measures to enhance security in Kahawa wendani, Sukari and Kenyatta Market (km) and tackle high rates of crimes that has increased over the last one month. Other measures that may only play as lip service included increased patrons within the areas of Kahawa Wendani, Sukari and Km. OCPD Kasarani also promised to deploy more officers to Kahawa Police post and Km police post with immediate effect. In addition, the vice-Chancellor agreed to have university security personnel patrol the stretch between the main Gate and Kahawa tunnel areas that has become a fertile ground for muggings and rape. To show solidarity with students, a meeting dubbed “MEGA SECURITY” organized by office of the vice president was held with Non-resident students on 6th March, 2014 at Kenyatta University to find a lasting solution and see to an end this careless loss of lives of young people.  A meeting that was attended by top security organs in Kahawa and Ku university top security personnel. In the meeting, students were advised to walk in groups especially at night and be there brother’s keeper. Lone Felix also assured students that their safety will be guaranteed by the university regardless of their places of resident. The biggest question remains: will the promises made by these security organ be fulfilled?  Insecurity in Kahawa continue to deteriorate daily with students being robbed as early as 8pm. Nobody understands this too well than Alex Okoa, a fourth year student at Kenyatta University who was robbed off his laptop, money and phone just outside his private apartment in Kahawa sugari. He was accosted by 5 member gang who ordered him to hand in his valuables and promised to leave him un-armed if he will not raise any alarm.
True to their words, after handing them what they asked for, they left him un-hurt. He still remembers this day vividly as that was his first encounter with armed robbers. 
It is without doubt that something has to be done and it has to be done fast to save the lives of comrades not only in Kenyatta University but across the country. According to Lone Felix’s post, one thing that needs to be done is for the university to build hostels within the university premises to ensure the safety of every students. It is the universities role to protect the lives of students at any cost. Lone Felix assured students that senate proposal to push for more hostels in the university has been approved by the Vice-chancellor and it has reached a tender process where investors are asked to build hostels for students within campus walls, own it for a certain period of time and release it to the ownership of the university who will manage it thereafter.

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