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Evidence in our possession indicate that universities and colleges are fast turning into dens for promiscuity and arenas for illicit affairs. Institutions that were once the epitome of success and pathways to heaven are quickly turning to be routes to hell. Indeed, institutions of higher learning are living the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. In fact, immorality may literary form their third name. As it stands now, more needs to be done to salvage the deteriorating morals of our youths. Instead of living up to the mission and visions of their institutions’, students have found refuge in risky behaviors and affairs that expose them to diseases. But what is opening these institutions for these dangerous ventures? A chit chat with campus students revealed more than met the eyes.
Students have become soft spot and easy targets for many intentions; both bad and good in equal measure.  A foot to any of these institutions reveals a lot to be desired. The first thing that will not escape your sight is the dress code. Heavy presence of highly revealing attires will throw you into a dismay of confusion whether you are in a strippers club or an institution of higher learning. This makes them conspicuous to the world thereby exposing them to love predators “Recently, I was approached by a woman-an old lady, who purportedly wanted me to date her. I knew her through a friend whom I paid a visit in Nairobi's gated estate, Lavington. She talked passionately with me when my friend went to the shower and she soon gave me her business card but was careful to retain my number too. ‘Joel, a second year student remembers his ordeal. That’s not an issue because it’s a repetition of what most of us are used to. It’s shocking that Joel never minded dating the married woman; despite her husband being a man of the uniform. ”When she offered herself, no one could turn financial breakthrough down-not even me’’ Joel said with certainty. ''I did this to satiate my appetite for money. HELB is never enough. ’Joel concludes.
Most people with ill intentions take advantage of the vulnerability of the college students who most of them are facing a state of financial uncertainty and employment scarcity. Jackie, a Bachelor of Commerce student in a private University, who is sponsored by well wishes was lured and trapped with a promise of employment in future. ’’I attended the talk show on employment and it’s from there that I met a businessman. When he gave me his number and emailed him later to follow up on this, he took advantage of me with many ‘coffee dates’ which saw him through to my body. ”After the incident, he found his way to me and since then we have been meeting frequently. In short, we are now dating.
Prof. Aluoch, a counselor notes that students who easily fall prey are either swayed by their lust or simply follow their peers’ trends. But she warns that such habits do not sound well for their future lives and marriages. ’It takes a student of integrity to develop into a responsible person with exceptional morals’, she concludes.
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Mr. Joseph Ogutu, a senior teacher at St. Joseph’s School, Rapogi has different stand on this. ’’When the students are released from ‘jail’ of school rules and got exposed to the freedom of universities and colleges, what do you expect?’’ He quips with curiosity. According to him the students are actually on the rampage to exploit their freedom. He says, every student has a right to do what they desire but a voice of reason is necessary to keep their goals intact and reciprocate the trust bestowed in them by their struggling parents and kins. He concludes that a drop of self- respect and self-control could travel along way to avoid many dangerous Ventures which could spell doom in such precious lives. It is from uncontrolled freedom that our girls have been drugged, raped, exploited and dumped. It is from this freedom that our boys have lost their lives weeks to the graduation square or worse still, this freedom has altered the HIV status of many to the unexpected hence spelling a lifetime of regrets and doom. What's more, the same freedom is instrumental in ensuring thousands of ‘future leaders’ being flushed out to the old sewage pipes of the toilets as a result of botched abortions.
Peris Kahure,the former Gender Secretary of Kenyatta University’s Students Leadership has a different thought on what might have led to this, ”Most families are scattered and operate in patches, if not the parents are purposefully engaged to an extend that their children become a part time affair. As a result, most children find comfort in pornographic sites and dirty materials. ’’She says with an obvious show of remorse. Family, a unit originally instituted to bond loved ones and steer continuity has now turned out to be recipe of immorality.
The children grow to become adults with the same mentality and that’s what transpires to our campuses.
”Girls are so cheap here!” A third year student who sought anonymity said confidently, “If I need a girl now-apparently not to marry, just for ‘cooling my appetite’, it will just take me a SMS to achieve that. Just show me any number here and I will be with her in a moment,’’ he says showing his phone book memory. ”They are probably becoming more Philanthropic than Mother Teresa “He adds with a chuckle. “Even these skimpily dressed girls are not that ‘expensive’ as they portray themselves, recently I told a girl that I had a girlfriend, but she insisted to sleep with me and so was it, that’s campus. ’He concludes. Evidently, it’s no longer a hustle to sleep with a girl. The word ‘I love you’ has scrapped overtime and it’s all about, ‘When are you coming? ‘If this is how far our society has evolved, then everyone has a right to be afraid. John, a second year student says he is currently entertaining himself with a married housekeeper. ‘She first saw me in a washroom when she was inspecting their cleanliness. She probably spotted me when relieving myself at the urinal, after that she called me to her office and told me her plans with me, I gave in so easily because my girlfriend is far away and everyone needs company. ‘The young guy with athletic body says proudly swinging his key holder. ‘She promised to give me a single room this semester and indeed I'm in a single room, technically I have a female roommate-housekeeper. She comes nearly daily for 'services ‘and life goes on. ‘The proud boy concludes.
With all the dirty confessions all around universities and colleges, the line between college and immorality is so thin and it trickles down to individual responsibilities. This is a collective war by both parents, men in cloth and the institution themselves to engage in country wide campaign to sensitive the youth on the benefits of staying a pure and honest life.
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