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Nothing scares men like being rejected by a lady they are very attracted to. That’s why most guys choose to keep silent about their feelings. To minimize the chances of getting rejected, there is need to check for telltale signs and find out whether the attraction is mutual. The following are 9 signs a lady really likes you.
1)   Time Factor
Does she go out of her way to create time for you despite having a tight schedule? Does she find an excuse to meet you a lot more often these days? If the answer to the above questions is yes then you have a chance. Ladies like spending quality time with guys they really like. If she chooses to spend the weekend with you on campus instead of going home or out with friends then she certainly likes you. 
2)     Body language
Does she hug tightly with both hands or give you the one-hand hug like you are suffering from leprosy? If a lady really likes you she will cuddle, hug for longer and spend hours gazing into your eyes. When you meet her on the campus streets she flashes you the secret smile. She will also go an extra mile to look great whenever meeting you.
Next time you meet her, suddenly grab and pull her to stand very close to you, then check her body reactions. If she doesn’t jerk away and instead stands right there, pupils dilated anticipating your next move, go ahead and seal the deal with a kiss.
3)  Jealousy
It’s rather strange how ladies are attracted to guys who have other gorgeous women in their lives but cannot stand the idea of sharing a guy they really like. If she demands you treat her special and different from all other girls in your life or looks sullen when you as much as hold another girl’s hand then she is so into you.
When you are out hanging with your boys and the lady across the room likes you, your eyes will lock more than once. If she is in the company of a guy she will be apt to hold him tighter while checking to see your reaction; see whether you are getting jealous.
4)  Enjoys your company.
You know a lady has the hots for you if she immensely enjoys your company. She laughs at your jokes, even the silly ones. When she is emotionally down, you are the first person she calls and by the time your conversation ends her spirits are lifted. She also asks you to accompany her to social events where she flaunts you to her friends, introduces you to her siblings and takes pictures with you. Spending two hours with her feels likes two minutes leaving both of you wanting more.
5)  Confides in you
If a lady really likes you she will entrust you with intimate details about her life, family and work troubles and also reveal her fears to you. She will value your opinion on a wide spectrum of issues ranging from her career to world economics. You are also the first person she breaks the great news to, like winning a scholarship. You connect with her so well that your conversations feel like heart-to-heart whispers.
6)   How her friends treat you
How her close friends treat you indicate precisely how she feels about you. If they enjoy hanging out with you, excuse themselves out to give the two of you some privacy or jokingly claim how the two of you make a great couple, then she is absolutely feeling the vibe. However, if they seem to look bored whenever you are around or ignore you like a lizard on the wall, do yourself a favor; run away and never look back.
7)  Drop some hints
If a lady is interested in getting hitched to you, she will readily tell you that she is single, highlight the traits she finds most attractive about you and even inquire about your relationship status. She may also let you know of her upcoming birthday or remind you of Valentine’s Day and teasingly ask what gift you are planning to get her. Times have changed, now the modern woman will promptly declare her interest in you and find out whether the feeling is mutual.
8)  Try make you a better man
If a lady feels you are an eligible mate, she will try to talk you out of your destructive habits, complain about your untidy room and talk you into taking your studies seriously. If you are the kind of guy who feels he is smartly dressed when in matching socks she will subtly hint on the perfect haircut for your face and attire. The baseline is, a lady who really likes you tries to make you a better man. Who knows, she might be grooming you to be her hubby. 
9)  Treats you special
A lady who really likes you would sometimes bend her rules and do things she would never do with other guys.  She will want to spend days she considers important with you. If she douses herself with you cologne, left a tooth brush at your place or has your shirt which she sleeps in every night then you have a chance with her. If she is always by your side when you are sick, depressed or in trouble, look no further; she is unquestionably meant for you.

Love is a beautiful thing and life too short. If you find someone who makes you happy do not let your fears stop you from taking a leap of faith and ride this roller coaster we call love.
Wish you a love-filled year!

By Mark Maina

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