Sunday, 20 October 2013

President Uhuru adresses the public. Photo by: AfricanArguements
It is a fact that the West-gate mall attack has pointed out weaknesses and loopholes on our security agencies and entire chain of command in our military officers. A part from that, it has left a permanent mark of anguish pain to many families who have lost their loved ones and the ones that are yet to interact with their blood lines. Kenya has never handled any hostage situation and therefore the faults committed by the military officers were inevitable. As a country it is paramount we remain united, pick our lessons and fill up the loopholes that were created by the cowards. Besides, history is fraught with lessons for the wise. 

However, this Nation should not cave in to the very intentions that the cowards were pushing for. The terrorists intended to create fear amongst Kenyans, instill unrest and divide us along religious lines. These were explained by some of their actions such as releasing hostages of certain religious inclination, senselessly killing the rest and holding them close to 72 hours and finally blowing up part of the mall killing a large group of innocent Kenyans. 

Whether some of these cowards were killed or escaped still remains a mystery but as a country we should never give in to what the cowards intended to accomplish in the long run. 

The Mombasa incident should therefore be handled with a lot of caution since it is likely to polarize the country further and divide along religious lines. If we go that way, we will remain a laughing stock to the very animals that attacked and killed us. Let religious leaders show solidarity, come together and unite Kenyans.
Reagan Nyadimo
Kenyatta University
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